Results of the Ratification Vote on April 16, 2014

Changes to the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the University of South Florida Board of Trustees and Florida Public Employees Council 79 AFSCME for the years 2011-2014 have been RATIFIED by the majority of the bargaining unit members who participated in Wednesday’s vote.

Thanks to all in-unit staff who turned out!

In Solidarity,

Susie Shannon

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Meeting Minutes for December 9, 2013

Minutes of the AFSCME Local 3342 meeting held on December 9, 2013 at the USF Tampa campus, room FAH 110.

Call to order

The AFSCME Local 3342 meeting was called to order at 5PM by Hector Ramos, AFSCME Region 3 Director who served as facilitator for the meeting.

Attendance and Introductions

Fourteen members and three guests attended.  Attendees introduced themselves providing their name and area they work in.

Current status of the union
Facilitated by Hector Ramos.

Status of Officers: Bill McClelland, President and Nadine Priester, Secretary, have retired.

Status of negotiations with the university regarding salary and sick leave payout proposals:

1. The university proposal for staff increases to base pay have been agreed upon by both the AFSCME and USF bargaining teams.
The proposal agreed to states:
a.  “Employees who earn up to and including $41,400 shall be awarded a base salary increase of $600.
b.   Employees who earn more than $41,400 shall be awarded a base salary increase of $1,000.”

2. The university proposal for changes to sick leave payout has been rejected by the AFSCME bargaining team.
The university proposal eliminates sick leave payouts entirely to employees hired as of January 1, 2014 and also eliminates payouts to existing staff members if they accept an offer of a one time pay out of sick leave at a rate lower than that normally paid upon retirement.
The AFSCME bargaining team rejected the offer since they felt the proposal would have created a two-tiered system of staff, some who are eligible to accrue and eventually sell back sick leave (current employees) and some who are not eligible (those who participate in the proposed Early Sick Leave Payout Program—ESLPP– and all those hired after January 1, 2014).

It is expected that the two bargaining teams will meet again, date has not been determined, to continue the sick leave payout proposal.

Facilitated by Hector Ramos.

1.  The essential duties of the local officer positions were explained.
2.  Elections were conducted.  New officers were nominated and elected by acclimation (with no challenging candidates).

The new union officers are:

President: Susie Shannon
Vice President: Michael Williams
Recording Secretary: Debbie O’Hearn
Secretary Treasurer: Maria Peas
Trustee: Doug Calwhite
Trustee: Robert Chapman
Trustee: Aleatha Neal

Hector Ramos stated that the Union staff will continue to handle grievances and that officers of the union will receive training.


Susie Shannon began a discussion to hear attendee ideas for building a collaborative and responsive union.

Concerns were expressed about administration portrayal of the union.

The cost of our union dues was brought up and Hector Ramos explained that the amount is determined centrally by the international office.


Hector Ramos informed us that:
Beginning in January 2014, a region 3 union representative will be on campus at the Marshall Center on Fridays from 11:30 am to 1pm.   Look for the person in the green union shirt in the lobby area on the first floor.

Arrangements are being made for a representative to be available at USF St. Petersburg as well and these will be announced at a later date.

Know Your Employee Rights training is also in the works and everyone was encouraged to attend.  Dates and locations will be forthcoming.

Union contract booklets were made available as were union dues authorization forms and grievance forms.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 7pm.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Debbie O’Hearn, Recording Secretary