Sick Leave Donation Policy Request

From: AFSCME 3342 <>
Date: Wed, Oct 28, 2015 at 4:02 PM
Subject: Sick Leave Donation Policy Request

Judy Genshaft, USF System President
Donna Keener, Associate Vice President, Office of Human Resources
USF Board of Trustees

On September 9 we learned about a terrible situation that happened to Theresa Freeman, a USF employee for 16 years. Theresa was diagnosed with gastrointestinal cancer in 2013 and had surgery to remove it in 2014. During her cancer treatments, Theresa used all of her sick leave but was able to make use of sick leave donated by her coworkers in order to keep her salary and health insurance. Unfortunately, on August 17, 2015, she discovered that the cancer had returned. Having little time to rebuild her own sick leave, she quickly used what leave was available to her. Unfortunately, USF changed its policies regarding sick leave donation on January 1, 2015 and she may no longer receive donated sick leave from her coworkers. Theresa finds herself facing the loss of her salary and health insurance on October 31, 2015 as a result of these policy changes.

AFSCME Local 3342 has attempted to initiate discussion on this issue with USF in our annual contract negotiations. However, we are not scheduled to continue negotiations until November 25, well after Theresa’s insurance is scheduled to run out. It is our hope that USF will reconsider its decision not to allow sick leave donations. To that end, we have surveyed USF employees to gauge their willingness to donate sick leave to Theresa. Our findings have been impressive.

134 employees have collectively offered to donate 3,854 hours to prevent Theresa from having her health insurance canceled. These donations would enable Theresa to continue to receive her treatments and hopefully become well enough to return to work. We received offers to donate sick leave from nearly every building on the Tampa campus. The desire to help a fellow USF employee in need was made clear by each person responding to this survey. While nearly $2,000 has been raised online which will directly support Theresa and her family, these potential donations of sick leave are far more important in sustaining them through this medical crisis.

We ask USF to reconsider its policy not to allow sick leave donation between employees. We ask USF to allow these people to help Theresa in her time of need, and to work with us to create a system where any USF employee in this situation would be allowed to receive donations of sick leave from their coworkers.

Thank you,
AFSCME Local 3342 Executive Board

Susan Shannon, President
Academic Program Specialist, College of The Arts

Michael Williams, Vice President
Office Manager, University Police

Maria Peas, Secretary/Treasurer
Fiscal and Business Specialist, College of The Arts

Tina Van Zile, Secretary
Administrative Specialist, Clinical Affairs

Aleatha Neal, Trustee
Enrollment Management Specialist, Division of Administration & Communication

Robert Chapman, Trustee
Custodial Worker, Housing and Residential Education

Mark Fredricks, Executive Board Member
Communications Specialist, Institute for Research in Art

Tom Kaenrath, Executive Board Member
Geographic Info Systems Specialist, Facilities Planning

Darlene Corcoran, Executive Board Member
Academic Program Specialist, Philosophy