Meeting on Monday, December 9, 2013

To the Members of AFSCME 3342

Please spend some time this week thinking about what you want your union to look like, what you want it to accomplish, and what skills you can bring to the mix.  Then come to the membership meeting on Monday, December 9th (5pm in FAH 110) to participate in rebuilding our union into something we can all get behind.   

We do have to elect officers, but there is no need for any officer to be responsible for doing all the work of each office.  We can make choices.  We can choose to work individually or in pairs or teams.  We can choose to do what works for US.

Everyone has a skill or two to share!  Are you good at financial paperwork?  Research?  Numbers crunching?  Writing?  Organizing?  Are you good with people, details, pictures, words, ideas?  Bring hearts, minds and skills to the table and let’s build a union worth bragging about!


Susie Shannon

Secretary Treasurer, Local 3342