American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees


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Join us to improve our working conditions, protect our rights, and get respect for the valuable work that we do.  Only by joining together in a union, will we have the organized strength to get this job done.

Your dues provides professional support in grievances and negotiations.  Your dues pays for lawyers and lobbyists to fight on your behalf in the courts and the Legislature. 

If your employer takes an adverse action against you, and you are not a member, the only choice you have is to hire a private lawyer which could cost you the equivalent of many years of union dues up front! 

Dues are $14.25 biweekly and are deducted from your pay check.  Our Dues Authorization Card can be selected here. 

Print, fill out the form, and mail it to our campus address:








Bill McClelland

AXA 0094


Or mail it to our off-campus address:


Local 3342

4014 Gunn Highway

Suite 120

Tampa, FL 33618

Not sure if you’re eligible to join the union?


Check here for the Union Contract.  In the Table of Contents select Appendix A “List of AFSCME Represented Classes”.  If your classification is listed, you are eligible.


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