Impasse Hearing Monday, March 24, 9am


Impasse Hearing

Monday, March 24, 9am

SVC 2070

The hearing on the issues at impasse between USF management and the staff union will most likely be over by noon.

In-unit USF staff are strongly encouraged to attend.

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that the University will not allow you to be absent from your job to attend this hearing UNLESS you have the permission of your supervisor. You can use break time or annual leave time.

University management is proposing the following 3 changes to our right to be paid for our leftover sick leave upon leaving USF employment:

  1. CURRENT EMPLOYEES will be paid out at their current level of pay (as of January, 1, 2014) regardless of any raises, promotions or changes of position achieved after that date.
  2. CURRENT EMPLOYEES can choose to be paid for their sick leave now, but those who do will lose the right to be paid for any future sick leave they accrue.
  3. FUTURE EMPLOYEES will unconditionally lose the right to be paid for any accumulated sick leave ever—the permanent loss of a benefit we’ve enjoyed for over 50 years.


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