Collective Bargaining Outcome

From AFSCME 3342 collective bargaining team:

Just as today’s impasse hearing was about to begin, USF management offered a deal on the sick leave payout proposal that the staff union negotiating team decided to accept as the best possible outcome for the vast majority of current bargaining unit employees—the exception being those workers hired after January 1, 2014.

As a result, we were able to preserve the sick leave payout benefit of current employees (except the above-mentioned), without their being subjected to the proposed freezing of the payout amount at their January 1, 2014 rate of pay.  Instead, all current staff employees, those already vested and those who reach vesting before separating from University employment, will have their sick leave payout benefit preserved without any change.

Unfortunately, management held firm that anyone hired after January 1, 2014, will receive no sick leave payout benefit at the end of their University careers, whether vested or not.

Finally, the Early Sick Leave Payout proposal remains as initially proposed.  Vested workers can VOLUNTARILY be paid now for 25% of their sick leave up to a maximum of 480 hours, at only 50 cents on the dollar of the available benefit, and they will then lose the right to cash out again upon separation.

We will be arranging the ratification vote as soon as possible.  Please watch for it!  Thanks.

In Solidarity,

Susie Shannon
AFSCME 3342 President

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Twitter: afscme3342